Somewhere between a team of mythic and stealthy snow bandits and a band of feverish, nomadic herbalists you will find Kallista Kult. They sneak onto the scene with a self-titled debut 4-tracker on Melbourne label A Colourful Storm, well-known distributors of global lore and precious audio ephemera. Despite their insistence to keep to the shadows, we were able to catch a glimpse of one of the Kult’s visions.

‘Creature Feature Spinoza Version’ unfurls its ghostly body as would a heavy fog descend on a sleeping village. A creeping rhythm shuffles along in the distance, accompanied by a small array of strings and mallets, quietly finding their seats for the performance. We’re gifted a synth lined full of dread and warning, a loose thread of texture from John Carpenter’s synth workshop. As this tune blossoms into tense-yet-lush strings and a meandering reed instrument, we find ourselves in a real heady zone of depressive exotica, a psychedelic neoclassical daydream quite possibly conjured while considering the best and deepest of Pierro Umiliani’s work.

Kallista Kult is out August 26th on A Colourful Storm – pre-order here.

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