The ‘Split Series’ on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs was conceived for two purposes: to serve as an outlet for club-ready productions that stand on their own without any added context or supporting audio, and to connect the dots between likeminded label mates you wouldn’t normally mention in the same breath. Setting its stall out with cuts from Marc Piñol and Charlotte Bendiks, a followup finds Talabot himself assuming control of the A-side with Romanian duo Khidja on the flip.

The Khidja track, whose title translates as “Wonderful Machines,” comes bearing hallmarks of their production style – motorik pulse, Middle Eastern timbres and analogue drums – but continues in the same vein as a recent release on DFA. In short, it trades some of their sonic experimentation for a more functional, dancefloor-friendly approach. Chugging, brooding fare primed for warming up the dancefloor.

HVN C/D is out now on Hivern Discs – buy it here.

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