Kalahari Oyster Cult have been knocking them out for a brief two years, pure rhythm and hitters like that Too Smooth Christ EP, Violet 29. Already this is their tenth release, and to mark it they’ve enlisted Belgian deep digger soFa to bring together a compilation of music by artists globally disparate and tonally tight. Blockwave bass which locks into lolloping, drunk-stomp drums, washed with warm tribal polyrhythms and sprayed with snatches of speech, bright, light, Casio keys or a laser theremin. Of the ilk of the elite of obscura comps, Oz Waves, Metal Dance, Uneven Paths, the EXO series on Ekster, this is built of nightcrawler street rhythms, Brinkmanesque loops (see Paris, Texas), dubby cuts from Andy Rantzen; like Cabaret Voltaire meeting Prince Jammy.

The track we’ll take is the temporal skunk of Konsistent’s ‘Healthy People In Space’. It’s creepy, slinky mud-chug; trudging heavy under a haze of dub feedback and delays, morphing occasionally with the light acid oscillations. Out here and then, this is well worth copping.

Elsewhere MMDLXXVI is out June 15th on Kalahari Oyster Cult – pre-order the vinyl here.

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