“Expect the noise of metal pieces being struck” read the answer Kris Baha gave about playing live in a recent interview. If you’re familiar with the innovative approaches to live performance championed by the likes of Severed Heads and Cabaret Voltaire, experimental bands he takes a great deal of influence from, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Baha’s sound is deeply rooted in the traditions of EBM and industrial, emerging as one of the foremost names breathing new life into the brutalist aesthetics heard on labels like Private Persons, Pinkman and the Power Station imprint he co-founded. Colouring most of his output, you can hear it on everything from his Bahnsteig 23 edits to the steely, angst-ridden tracks on Cocktail D’Amore. Now stepping up for She Lost Kontrol, the same qualities pervade the impending release; albeit one that reveals a more sensitive side to the Australian-born producer.

Exploring themes of love and loss, In Your Arms reinforces lovelorn vulnerability with the steel and urgency commonly associated with industrial and EBM soundscapes. Dedicated to a recently fallen comrade, the profound sense of mourning felt through the title track’s post-punk vocals is undeniable.

In Your Arms is out December 20th on She Lost Kontrol – pre-order direct from the label.

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