Perhaps, as the title of an upcoming compilation paying tribute to Vilnius’ Opium Club suggests, attending the Lithuanian nightspot is a ritual almost akin to going to church – after all, it draws parallels with the  now-legendary Larry Levan sets that came to be known as “Saturday Mass.” Compiled by programmer-in-chief, V, and sporting contributions from crew insiders and extended family, Opium for the People is a consummate and comprehensive celebration of a venue quickly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s finest. Detroit lynchpin Sharif Laffrey, Disco Halal mainstay Autarkic, local don Manfredas and Multi Culti co-founder Thomas Von Party all feature, but ahead of its release on  Le Temps Perdu, today’s exclusive comes from none other than the prolific Kris Baha.

A propulsive, machinist jam, ‘Fuels a Liar’ is as visceral as it is functional. Packed with an industrial flair that signifies producer Kris Baha’s affinity with the genre and its various iterations, the Power Station co-founder exhibits an ability to deliver pummelling drums, intricately woven electronics and well-thought out soundscapes with aplomb. Clocking in at nigh-on 7 minutes, the track maintains a driving force throughout, its haunting synthetic flourishes drawing things to an inevitable ceasefire of sound.

Opium of the People is out April 27th on Le Temps Perdu – pre-order the vinyl here.

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