From the ghostly outlet that’s housed tomes from Elysia Crampton, CS + Kreme and Ramzi just to name a few comes Laila Sakini’s latest effort. A wandering yet patient label in the realm of pop and electronic abstractions since 2013, Total Stasis proves a fitting home for the NTS regular and otherwise prolific sequencer of moods.

Sakini’s first foray into the vinyl format, Vivienne is a loose suite of “unconscious arrangements” imparting a piano fantasy of reflection, ennui, “flowers, butterflies, potion…” ‘The Mountain Effect’ perhaps conjures up something more ancient; a pastoral daydream of communion and nature, delicate and longing for simplicity and synchronicity. If potions were to be brewed to this movement, it would call for wild lavender, mountain skink, oak bark, and a lone soul.

Vivienne is out February 28th on Total Stasis – pre-order here

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