Released this month on the Gravity Graffiti label, Club Mondo 2000 is the forthcoming debut EP from the little known Red Bull Music Academy alumni Lamusa II. Offering a collection of what the man himself describes as “multi-timbral music”, this fourth release from the recently formed imprint follows efforts from the likes of Japenese electronic music giant Soichi Terada, and Yoshinori Hayashi’s label debut, Square Sun.

The A3 from this 6 track release, ‘Blue Garden 22’ presents a new age soundscape complete with Balearic pan flutes, vocaloid synth interjections and high-timbered flute trills with weaving delay trails. Cruising along at 100 BPM, a steady 4/4 proves the bedrock for the bass which chugs the piece forward with a sleazy Italo disco swing as the track’s various motifs and counter melodies complement and clash against one another.

Club Mondo 2000 is out January 30th on Gravity Graffiti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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