Born out of a plan to collaborate on some straightforward edits comes Lilupulu, the unscripted collaboration between four Moscovite artists. With the promise of a stroll through Moscow’s Elk forest escalating into “full studio throw down,” Four Amazing Tracks is the byproduct of this session as Sergey Luginin, Sasha and Sergey Lipsky, AKA Simple Symmetry, and Ivan Pustovalov grace Growing Bin‘s Glowing Pin subsidiary with a gleaming, musically diverse clutch.

The release has a bit of everything: it’s a stew of galvanic polyrhythms and frenetic percussion, post-punk stylings, low-slung celestial grooves, tripped-out ambient and frazzled guitar. Our pick, B1’s Afro/cosmic-tinged freakout, sees the Elk forest inspirations live on as owl call atmospherics emanate amidst a slo-mo frenzy of propulsive groove and jubilant percussion.

Four Amazing Tracks is out now on Growing Bin Records | Buy it here

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