There’s a storm brewing in Melbourne. Humidity hangs heavy in the air and clouds gather ominously over the city as Lou Karsh rolls into town, bringing with him the sophomore release from his own LKR Records. At least that’s the picture painted by B-side effort ‘Tribal Instinct’, a slow-burner that builds from anxious beginnings to tempestuous climax.

Navigating its way through calm waters on the opener, Lou Karsh’s Tribal Transitions EP slowly dials up the dread. Tribal and severe, today’s premiere is found at the more turbulent end of the spectrum. A volatile slice of breakbeat techno complete with kick drum patterns reminiscent of Shed’s Head High productions, ‘Tribal Instinct’ gradually unfurls to devastating effect. 303s squelch and drums gather beneath the darkening sky until the heavens open, flooding the place with a deluge of breakbeats and surging acid lines. Once let loose on a rampage, there isn’t much that can kill the momentum of Lou Karsh’s hardware powered productions.

The Tribal Transitions EP is out this Autumn on LKR Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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