As the deciduous trees begin to shed their leaves this Autumn, Athen’s Echovolt Records will welcome Russian producer Low Tape in to the fold. The release, entitled Through The Night, is sounding like it could be a pretty special set of songs indeed. We’ve got an exclusive premiere of the B-side’s rather ambiguously named ‘Untitled’, but don’t let the track’s titular obscurity fool you: this cut has all the hallmarks of a classic.

With a style reminiscent of iconic IDM, and more specifically, the vintage years of Rephlex Records, ‘Untitled’ is an eight minute opus, utilising a variety of hissed-out samples and compositional flourishes to well and truly encapsulate a days-gone-by era of dance music. We’re treated to some genuinely euphoric breaks and crunching acid squelches when the central groove really gets underway, the combination of which really does evoke a track that could have easily been around for twenty years or more. Boding well for the rest of the imminent release, ‘Untitled’ certainly marks Low Tape as one to watch for the future.

Low Tape’s Through The Night EP is out on Echovolt Records this Autumn.

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