Along with fashion, music and various discontinued brand-name sodas, technological motifs swing back around into public consciousness. The collective memory recalls and reapplies what they’ve learned through tackling corded house phones and lugging really big “home computers” into their 1bed, 1 bath flat. It’s with that nostalgia and reverence for ’80s innovation that Luca Durán, FKA Look Like, tackles his Akoya Circles debut.

The Circunvalar EP keeps eyes and ears on the industrious, limit-decimating ethos and DIY tech-fodder of the ’80s electronic scene. Effectively fusing new wave-EBM, proto-acid and ‘New Best Genre’ category, “soft industrial,” Durán embarks on a satisfying low-bitrate romp thru future-oriented retro dreams of lightning-fast transit, body hacking and ethernet-driven utopia.

Ultra-fat kicks with Amiga-worthy slap bass provide the foundation for ‘Body Mechanics’. Where other vintage electro revivalists merely aim to copy and cash in on the style, Luca Durán’s knowledge of and genuine excitement in this field shows – it’s demonstrated through the sonic character and organic nuance of the pads and perc, not to mention the varied affectations applied as the rhythm rides into a present and full-bodied interpretation of music’s recent past.

Circunvalar is out November 1st on Akoya Circles – pre-order here

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