Following on from the nerve ganglion of palpable sonic formulas so brilliantly captured on 2020’s FORTUNA, Lubomir Grzelak, AKA Lutto Lento, has been summoned for a debut on the spectacular Haunter Records. Grzelak has assembled a phantasmagorical album, and rumour has it he siphoned inspiration from both the folk sounds of his native Poland and 19th century artist Stanislaw Wyspianński. Truth be told, both artists are extremely fond of abstract storytelling, and treating LEGENDO as multifaceted sonic tapestry might be the best way to immerse oneself in the this poignant tale.

As the finale, ‘Fern Flowers’ shines with eternal bright. It teases and feels like a cliff-hanger to a worthy and necessary sequel to the album. Mutant digi-dub executed boldly and brilliantly, it’s a perfectly patterned, jacked-up apex to an album requiring close attention to detail. Most would tie up the end of their album on the nosedive, but Grzelak is unequivocally unlike most.

LEGENDO is out February 5th on Haunter Records | Pre-order here

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