Best known for techno and house, Patricia’s Autechre-endorsed IDM has been making some waves of late, while Arp has built a reputation on releases coloured with shades of cosmic jazz, fourth world and classical. They don’t jump out as an obvious pairing on paper, but the duo revive their Masks project after four years spent dormant for a heart-rending, lo-fi excursion on Brooklyn label, Spring Theory.

Completing an all-Brooklyn affair, L.I.E.S. mainstay Bookworms serves up the remix. Cut from the same cloth as the melancholic techno he made his name on, it bears all the hallmarks of a Bookworms production: grainy and lo-fi to a certain degree, the functional, driving groove is totally submerged in a sea of panpipe, pads and white noise. An unflinching kick drum anchors smudged, tender flourishes, and if its predecessors don’t have you shedding a tear in the dance, this one might.

EP2 is out July 30th on Spring Theory – pre-order here.

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