Swedish pianist and composer Matti Bye is a name perhaps not often circulated over here; his work (predominantly scoring contemporary and silent film) is blue, grey and violet, similar to the forests which adorn the cover of his revered Faro soundtrack.

Bye was invited by Jonas Rönnberg, AKA Varg, to appear on his Nordic Flora Series Pt. 3, released last year, in which he presumably contributed keys on ‘Red Line‘. In response Rönnberg has offered in a dark ambient retelling of ‘Loneliness of Earth’, taken from the recent Tona Serenad Records release, This Forgotten Land. Under his control it sees the slowly decaying echo of a struck piano as the main actor in a desolate, foggy landscape, punctured by small frenetic ambiguous noises, scratching, crackling – a dusty record, licking flames, fracturing ice, rain falling. It’s the same world in which Burial and Nils Frahm’s calmer moments exist, or Mica Levi’s score for Jackie (or indeed Under the Skin) perhaps. Tense, downcast, atmospheric.

This Forgotten Land is out now on Tona Serenad Records.

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