Anti-linear poetics and new-style pataphysica from Memphis, carving a new direct channel from 1993 to our now; three dormant/unreleased tracks which find space to breathe on our beloved Mirror Zone.

It’s essential rhythm with direct organic charge; bigger longform consideration in ‘Ukigumo (Floating Clouds)’ which clocks in at over twelve minutes. Memphis explains that “just like a cloud formation this track came together one afternoon, the rhythms and drone seeming to appear and merge around the Japanese Shakuhachi flute – a spiritual tool to practice meditation – in an ever-shifting flow of mood and emotion.” It’s backed with higher pressure in ‘Acid Brook’, which, storming in at 150bpm, slowly and subtly builds complex rhythm and peals of soft electric for deep in the charge.

Ours is ‘Child of the ’70s’, which sits somewhere in between the two. Rounded and upbeat, we’re delivered complex, taut rhythm which rolls hard but is softened by the drifting pads and blinking synth chirps and yawns. We shift gear at half way to lean forward, stripping back to stamp harder with direct drive.

Ukigumo (Floating Clouds) is out soon on Mirror Zone – pre-order here.

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