Beaming loudly from Delft, we’re shown the first glimmers of hope from trippy new label Mirror Zone. For their first offering we’re presented with a piece of vital obscura from all the way back in 1994, a repressing of an EP by UK artist, and seemingly pretty mysterious, Memphis. Tonally it draws from the same palette of Psychick Warriors ov Gaia, Andrew Weatherall’s Two Lone Swordsmen, ESP Records (the Dutch one) or perhaps the subtle complexity of mid-’90s Italian house labels like Interactive Test.

The curled loon call and chirpy keys are soon swallowed under layer upon layer of production, a tightly woven ecosystem of sound which is washed over and brought together by the lopsided breakbeat and semi-nonsense syllabic rapping, urging the track along and colouring it as one. Dancefloor heat. Promising some very exciting projects, we highly recommend watching this fledgling label.

Beneath A Different Sun is out May 1oth on Mirror Zone – pre-order the vinyl here.

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