Four of Australia’s finest converge on the inaugural Global Skywatch release, a fully-Antipodean initiative to combat climate change in a post-truth world. Drowning out government conspiracy with 303-riddled electro, dubby landscapes and lithe breakbeat, Furious Frank, Rings Around Saturn (AKA Dan White, Turner Street Sound) and Mic Mills take it upon themselves to administer an antidote with the original cuts, Francis Inferno Orchestra rounding things off with a sprawling epic of a remix. Today we give the Mic Mills joint some airtime, letting the earworm groove distract from harsh realities – all mesmerising electronics and half-time breaks, it’s the perfect cure to what liner notes describe as the “madness of the modern world.” Protect your mind.

GSW001 is out September 1st on Global Skywatch – pre-order direct from the label.

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