It came as nothing less than an absolute shock to electronic music fans back in February to learn that Rhys Celeste – the Maltese producer who released exceptional productions via his own Bandcamp page and Sheffield-based electro purveyors Central Processing Unit – had died in a tragic quad bike accident at the tender age of 24.

Madrid-based imprint Fundamental Records planned to put out a substantial release of Celeste’s at some stage this year, and the wheels were already well in motion before his untimely death: the double 12” + 7” will now see release posthumously, with label head honcho Alex Stark titling it after the producer’s main musical alias, ‘Microlith’.

Premiering exclusively here is the album’s D1 track, ‘2016 Untitled 69’. Fittingly so, this is a unique, heartfelt piece of IDM that conveys a wide spectrum of emotions throughout its auditory journey. It croons with a real sense of well-placed playfulness and earnest sentimentality, and proves to be a succinct and most certainly apt taster of what’s to come on this forthcoming LP.

Microlith is out May 26th on Fundamental Records.

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