The state of trance is thriving and populous in 2020; different takes and shades show out the angles and intensities of sincerity. What would you like today? Dubby computer bleeps and the digital realm? Let’s have a look at Kalahari. Organic tribal trance/silver canopy breaks? Dialling Spekki. We’re blessed if you love it; and some of the best late has come from UTE.REC, the Oslo homies directed by Oprofessional and Accelerationism.

We’re brought the new matter from Mikkel Rev, key pillar of the UTE family (and partner in Omformer alongside the aforementioned Oprofessional). The feel on ‘Biotope’ is more like a warm breeze pin-balled through the Mediterranean circa 2001, in the best way – something like Synthetic, Area, or Dream; more progressive, makes sense, almost like Interactive Test maybe. Laced with beneficence the ripples fold outwards, the tension stepped up from astral musing to harder ritual in a logical, tentative arc – easy, effortless, sensitive and then with unexpected charge.

Rest of the tracks take in the wide range of energy, it’s driving hypnodelia on ‘Formulae’, big cavern echoes and stomps on ‘Parallel’, then more sensitive again for The ‘Human Experience (Empathy Mix)’. Yeah it’s all confident and idiosyncratic, well phrased in authentic vernacular, but with Mikkel’s voice. Very cool.

UTE004 is out July 10th on UTE.REC | Pre-order here

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