Besoins Premiers founder Leo Peinturier, AKA eo eintu, and German artist and vocalist Gregor Zentrich, AKA Pascal De Nuit, have unveiled Modeux des Cieux, a synth-pop project two years in the making.

Out soon on former’s cassette label, the slow-slung, balmy esoterica of Organizatsiya – Peinturier’s other side project with Maxime Bisson – also features, and as titles go, Constant Run feels appropriate given the current circumstances: liner notes suggest a narrative of Groundhog Day-esque repetition, something many of us can relate to while in lockdown.

Trapped in a perpetual state of lockdown monotony? Let the music be your means of escapism as ’80s industrial aesthetics, lethargic baselines and heavily-tormented vocals transport you to a different “hic et nunc” (here and now).

Modeux des Cieux is out June 1st on Besoins Premiers | Pre-order here

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