Picking up almost right from where they left off, the second release from Parisian tape label Ville Nouvelle marks another dreamy excursion into the hazy world of lo-fi house. Like the José & Christ Lost Relics cassette it’s a split release, with Málaga/Mallorca-based unknown MUY MOLA and a mysterious, and literally unknown, producer taking the reigns on an exquisite sophomore effort.

Today we have the exclusive on closing number ‘Break Anxiety’, a track laced with warmth and an almost ghostly air of tranquility, where swathes of gleaming synth coalesce with elongated breakbeats. It makes for a heady and immersive groove and while the weighty drums pack a punch, they’re softened by the tender ebb and flow of MUY MOLA’s iridescent electronics. In essence, it’s like a deep tissue massage: relaxing, possibly even bordering on therapeutic, but a full-toned, sonorous low-end will loosen even the stiffest of leg muscles.

Midsummer Melodies is out on September 30th – Pre-order the cassette and digital release here.

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