Contort Yourself, the Glaswegian imprint that focuses on electronic curios from both the past and the present, deliver an intriguing reissue with their latest release; II – Popmuziek, the heretofore tape-only collection of tracks by the Dutch experimental trio known as Muziekkamer.

Contextually speaking, there’s a comforting sense of consistency here – Contort Yourself included the Muziekkamer cut ‘Being Home Tonight’ on their fabulous 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 compilation from last year, which also saw contributions from Japanese noise maestro Merzbow and the cult Dutch band Ende Shneafliet. With a new LP run of the second Popmuziek, we see a truly obscure and under-heard offering of the 1980s get its rightful reassembly in 2018.

Premiering exclusively below from this upcoming release is ‘Black Box’, a glistening proto-ambient techno jam that shimmers with a vibrant intensity – it’s wholly apparent from listening that Muziekkamer’s relevance and musical prescience have only become more pronounced with age.

II – Popmuziek is out soon on Contort Yourself – pre-order the vinyl here.

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