Solar Phenomena‘s inaugural effort featured liner notes of a self-proclaimed ‘astral crusade’, and the latest effort from the inimitable DJ Sotofett certainly resonates with this interstellar mission statement. Sotofett has graced us with three remixes of Tokyo based producer Mystica Tribe, but here we look specifically at B2’s ‘Dub’right Mix’.

There’s something almost celestial about the opening pads, breaking through the fog of our January inertia to take us somewhere beyond, perhaps soundtracking a solitary space station repair task in a distant place. Meanwhile, a flurry of shuffling, supple percussive elements ascend to reach a state of nervous excitement. Here, idiosyncratic pot-pannery sits upon a solid low-end of thundering toms and deep sub bass notes, placing it somewhere between King Tubby and early Pearson Sound.

An insistent, reed-like lead synth delicately pushes things forward, embellished with scattered dubby squelches and almost fathomless dub delay. Before long, everything implodes, clattering into a stuttering dubby refrain. Once more, those soaring choral pads emerge, conjuring up images of a solar fleet gliding through endless space. It’s the sort of thing that may well find a place within one of Sotofett’s notoriously immersive, oddball DJ sets.

DJ Sotofett’s Dub Ash Mixes are out January 18th on Solar Phenomena – pre-order the vinyl here.

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