Out soon on Alien Jams, Nexcyia‘s Crawl EP explores anxiety and loneliness through existential soundscapes. It’s handiwork of sound artist and experimental musician Adam Dove, who explores post-human realities through introspective ambient as he splits time between Paris and London.

Reflective and textural, Crawl oscillates between real-versus-unreal and the somber loneliness of being human. Granular synthesis, field recordings and dialogue between post-human voices are the building blocks, with an underlying feeling of anxiety pervading the release. Breaking through the otherness, however, the closing track glows with a sentiment all humans (especially now) can understand: “Exist By Hope Alone”.

With soft swooning and uplifting pads this track has a dreamy timelessness to it that fills your cup. A reminder that even in the unfolding nature of our being, while sometimes moving through on hands and knees, a human sense of lightness will always remain.

Crawl is out November 27th on Alien Jams | Pre-order here

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