Picture this: you are Joan Gunperson. As far as you can tell, you are the last surviving member of the interstellar freight cruiser S.S. Overcast. You know where the escape pods are: there at the end of the ship. Even though you’ve researched these monsters for years, these government mandated bio-experiments, you have no clue how fast they are, what they sound like, what they smell like. Whatever. You have a gun. They don’t know that. Bursting through a pressurised bay door is Australian-born electro cruiser Nite Fleit, delivering some deep space hits via the rave-friendly Planet Euphorique label. Overcast follows her equally thunderous debut on Steel City Dance Discs.

Even as we’re pelted by a firestorm of stargazers and wannabe space marines during a climaxing electro revival, we can assuredly find both solace and dread in Nite Fleit’s masterful take on the genre. B1’s ‘Thar Bye Bye’ is a perfect example: metallic clanks, dusty computers coming online, foreboding drones anticipating the tense action ahead. Suddenly the 808 drops in, an acidic green synth lines filling the stereo spectrum, brittle snares drive your feet forward and there’s no looking back. Best you pack some water and an extra neuro-clip for this one.

Overcast is out March 4th on Planet Euphorique – pre-order the vinyl here.

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