Subterranean-dwelling fanzine and record label 99cts RCRDS has picked up right where last year’s inaugural Codeless avec Alter D tape left off. Welcoming hardware enthusiast Ole Mic Odd into the fold, the Parisian DIY enthusiasts throw all caution to the wind with the Metal Gear EP, delving even further into the blackened abyss that first release negotiated.

Administered like a sledgehammer to the head, B1’s overdriven electro assault is anything but toothless. The Brooklyn-based producer adopts an aesthetic indebted to the synth-focused soundtracks of ’80s Italian horror and Giallo, dropping in a squall of synth resembling the klaxon from an H.G Wells science fiction novel for good measure. An excerpt from one of his live sets, ‘Toothless (Live)’ reaches its exhilarating and menacing peak in a maelstrom of frantic percussion and unnerving electronics.

The Metal Gear EP is out soon on 99cts RCRDS.

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