Out 2 is the pairing of Jeremy Campbell and R. Zanzibar, two Brooklyn residents who came together during and due to the Lectric Sands studio and label. Left to grow organically, the music Out 2 has finally laid down is the product of nearly a decade’s organic, untempered growth – the pair return to Emotional Response after an initial outing late last year to lay down the promised Showcase vocals and dub album, each track following the initial vocal track with an instrumental version.

It’s a far out record which obviously takes massive influence from the vocal/version duality of dub records, but has traces of post-punk and new wave; NY punk-funk and disco-not-disco through the Mudd club. Not quite as trippy as the Residents or Snakefinger, Talking Heads or Tedd Milton. What’s really impressive however is Campbell’s talent as a producer – it’s hard to believe the record was made this year, it sounds like a super stoned Strut Records oddity.

Our track is the sublime ‘Pale Fens’, which closes the first side. It’s a warmly lilting, swaying, slow stepping rhythm, over which the improvised vocals roll forwards a bemused, surreal story. It gives way to an immersive wall of dub which slowly carries on, spinning itself out into the cosmos every now and then, the piano, guitar and later vocals providing splashes of colour over the bedrock locked rhythm.

Showcase is out today on Emotional Response – buy the vinyl here.

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