Building a reputation for heavy-duty, anti-capitalist material, oxhy returns to lead a sonic mutiny against the rulebook once more. The unfurling of musical wanderlust on woodland dance is of no surprise when learning that the London-based artist has worked with the likes of Elysia Crampton, Felix Lee and Yves Tumours, not to mention released on the likes of 5 Gate Temple and Quantum Natives. As co-founder of Xquisite Releases, this mordant individual unveils his debut LP on the London label.

Built around a fearless, risk-taking sonic vocabulary, woodland dance perfects that neo-folk glaze. On ‘claps’, the enduring thrums of Dæmon’s voice propel a storytelling sequence, and something undoubtedly atypical. String-like synth lines mingle with deftly percussive tribal-esque drums, sealed tight with incessant clapping along the way. Top marksmanship here.

woodland dance is out March 8th on Xquisite Releases | Pre-order here

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