Paolo Di Nicolantonio‘s YoutTube channel, aptly named ‘SynthMania’, is a veritable treasure trove for fans of vintage synthesisers. Uploading demos and original music utilising the draw-dropping arsenal of gear at his disposal, we’ve seen the Italian feature everything from the Korg Poly-61 to Roland’s Jupiter-80.

Enlisting the services of his Juno-60, Sony HR-MP5 effects unit, TR-909 and Korg M1, Di Nicolantonio now steps up with an emotionally-charged EP for Craigie Knowes. Also equipped with a remix from Sheffield’s John Shima, it is, incredibly, the first reinterpretation to feature on the Glasgow label to date.

A pair of sensitive cuts from opposite sides of the same coin, A1’s beatless epic is the appetiser to the life-affirming ‘Close To Me’, the finished article of a deep house jam uploaded to Di Nicolantonio’s channel back in 2013. Channelling all that tenderness into something with the emotional weight and futuristic edge of Detroit techno, Shima favours a subtler approach on a remix of the latter. Just like the Discreet 7″ he dropped on Exalt Records last month, this a sombre, stirring affair – resplendent with horizon-spanning sci-fi pads, nervous bleeps and a sumptuous groove, it’s another keeper from a highly underrated talent.

The Close To Me EP is out now on Craigie Knowes – buy the vinyl here.

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