Marvin Uhde, AKA Qnete, is best known for peddling house and techno through labels like Lobster Theremin and X-Kalay. Lately though, he’s been working within dubbier pastures, making reverb-heavy manoeuvres under newly minted alter-ego, Pawel’s Bar. It’s a departure from dancefloor-facing fare in favour of a sound evoking wide-open landscapes and desert-dwelling flora.

Following efforts from Yre Den, Employee and Bear Bones, Lay Low, the project’s debut release sees the light of day on Frankfurt’s OK SPIRIT. Amongst Cantina‘s suite of dubby electronics, ‘Tardigrade Dub’ bears all the hallmarks – echo, vaporous chords, washes of reverb – of a cut rooted in the Jamaican tradition.

Cantina is out October 19th on OK SPIRIT | Pre-order here

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