Noise In My Head boss Michael Kucyk’s voraciously thirsty, backwards facing gaze (demonstrated masterfully in his Efficient Space imprint and NTS tracklists) shifts to inspect the contemporary domestic climate, inviting Melbourne-housed taste-breakers Butter Sessions to help curate an article detailing the best and brightest of Australia’s homegrown sharp darts.

Domestic Documents ties coast to coast, folding Western Australia’s Peth and Newcastle gently on top of Melbourne with squelchy, loopy, jazzy offerings from Ewan Jansen, Cale Sexton & Sleep D, Kangaroo Skull and Senate. Whooshing splashy machine Goa-learica, clipped ticking acid-dub creakers, meditative new age exotica and hi-strung tape experiments. (Big up the boy Hotrod for the out-of-fucking-nowhere trance banger.)

Let’s look to Phil Stroud however, who, following on from a super strong 12” and then LP on Good Company Records (releasing at an infuriatingly infrequent rate), returns to his dexterous and layered percussions which build kinetically, intertwining and entrancing with soft pads washing across, jaunty chords dubbed out and drawn through the body of the song.

Big step forward for the label here, and the Oz institutions have packed it out with a wicked range of tracks which veer from dreamy to rolling to tweaking.

Domestic Documents Vol. 2 is out today – buy it here.

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