Berlin-based vinyl imprint Fleisch offer up 4 solid cuts of house and techno from various friends and family of the label. Following inaugural release Wie Die Finger Durch by Schwefelgelb, in the Fleischberg EP we see similar affrontive, EBM-infected techno made for the factory floor from all the producers except for Privacy, who decides to walk a markedly different path.

Something of a black sheep of the EP, Privacy’s B1 invokes ’80s Chicago ghetto house and the sounds of early Muzique and Dance Mania – most notably Steve Poindexter’s ‘Work That Mutha Fucker’ which is sampled heavily throughout.  A high energy track that sits around 130bpm, Privacy’s repeating sample of “work, work” sits atop jackin’ TR-808 kicks and claps before a crunchy 303 bassline fills out the lower register. Hectic tom-drum work picks up the pace of the tune before the vocal breaks down into the full Poindexter sample. A well executed modern homage to a classic sound that clearly demarcates its references, this one’s set to put the work in on dancefloors far and wide.  

Fleischberg is out March 20th on Fleisch – pre-order it here.

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