Finomehanika’s cover art is indicative of the music contained inside. The exposed corrugated steel, peeling paint and futurist structures that interlock hint at a tussle between the familiar and otherworldly, a synthesis of real-world materials and a preternatural focus reserved for the most experimental of compositions. A Robert Merlak album with a release that’s been 20 years in the making, the latest Cold Blow emission takes a machinist voyage through the uncanny.

Repurposing what was available at the time, Merlak renders avant-garde sounds through a misuse of the music technology he was able to acquire in a post-war Croatia. Somewhat severe but delicately balanced, experimental soundscapes like ‘Pao MD’ were crafted with the aid of field recordings, analogue piano, heavy manipulation and intelligent sequencing.

Finomehanika is out July 1st on Cold Blow | Pre-order here

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