If it hasn’t become apparent to you and yours through the various portals of info concerning underground electronics, it would seem that the term “ambient” has been making a resurgence as of late, cushioning the often thunderous, body-oriented expectations that come with house and techno. Cerebral in theory, yet a balm to the mind for those with the proper uplink cables installed. Enter the debut record from Pacific Northwest situated Ronan, the latest moniker of Washington State producer Robin Lohrey.

Having fiddled, processed, directed and built their way through NYC party series Groovy Groovy and Felt Presence studio, and following releases on Detroit’s Vanity Press and California’s Jungle Gym Records, Lohrey dons the Ronan guise for the flagship vinyl release on multimedia platform Eternal Ocean. Drawing some parallels, their approach and sound is akin to the pantheon of early techno pioneers: the robo-soul of UR’s Galaxy 2 Galaxy, the rigid jazz of Juan Atkin’s Infiniti project as well as a glimpse of Drexciya’s underwater futurism are all familiar figures in the producer’s sonic well, yet.

The leading cut ‘Internal Revelation’ is a well-soldered breakthrough to a slab of spacious and propulsive brain-tinglers. Aqueous and mechanical, a human-machine hybrid sound that trickles beneath the membrane and between the sulcus without leaving the user too cold. Deep sea sub and skittering percussive synths pin down swirling jazz pads coalesce to make for a deep pool worth diving into.

Prolongez La Magie is out January 19th on Eternal Ocean – pre-order the vinyl here.

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