Launched in 2016, Italian label Cosmic Rhythm has enjoyed a strong start to life. Already up to their sixth release, it’s fast to becoming becoming a firm favourite here at If Only HQ. The label is putting out material that has been long missed, that old Italian house sound. After all, if it wasn’t clear after their KGB ‘Detroit 909’ retrospective dropped last month, it’s plain for all to see with the sixth release, Self Control.

Rydm Sectors is yet another alias for the pair behind Cosmic Rhythm, and having produced tracks as Rhythm of Paradise and Cosmic Garden respectively, they’re back on the label with a refined distillation of that classic, golden era Italian house sound. A1’s ‘Do It’ is a particularly strong entry, reminiscent of rave or under-appreciated classics that spun every so often by major players in today’s scene to the joy of their audience. It’s blended mix of elements sorely missed of late; melody, groove, a heavy kick drum, ethereal background elements and the occasional repetitious vocals in the background. There’s something to be missed about the simplicity that just makes a good track for the dancefloor.

Self Control is out September 25th on Cosmic Rhythm – pre-order the vinyl here.

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