Having taken great strides to showcase music of the lush, psychedelic and deeply rhythmic variety, Lyon-based podcast and party series Bamboo Shows steps into label territory. With promise of “exotic breaks” and “’90’ reminiscences,” Bamboo Show Tapes 001 is the first in a two-part compilation, featuring various producers, known and less-so, who fit snugly and dewed amongst the family shoots.

Stylistically, for want of a better term, we’ll refer to Sene’s contribution as ‘shogunate bass’. Floating between the ephemeral and the functional, ‘Soft Return’ has the same tribal and rainforest ambient leanings as producers like Leif and RAMZi (the latter of whom also features on the compilation). It’s as if the BBC Radiophonic Workshop had visited Edo during the height of Rangaku, providing a more fervently strange new Western instrument alongside the more traditionally earthbound arsenal of taiko and koto. Terrestrial and celestial in one.

Bamboo Shows Tapes 001 is out now – buy it here

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