Two years in the works and teased variously, the long-awaited collaboration between BFDM via Bristol famila Simo Cell and Egyptian artist and activist Abdullah Miniawy arrives. Simo is clearly a fan of collaboration, famed for his B2B sets with Low Jack and Batu, as is Miniawy, who is constantly collaborating with different artists, directors, groups – he consistently shows how exciting and beneficial collaboration can be, the creation of a third entity totally separate to those involved.

This is a new lilt and logical extension for both; for Simo Cell, the whole leans in fully to an area nodded at on a few of his Livity tracks, and it’s new for Minawy too, whose wide ranging repertoire criss crosses from political poetry, film and theatre to releases with the Carl Gari trio on Trilogy Tapes and AD 93. The tracks here are soaked with warmth and fragrance, heady and hazy atmospherics which envelop like incense.

Present are fourth world harmonics, and further on they’re organic with the deep kicks, vocals and mournful trumpet. But it’s all twisted, with chilly, rung off electronics à la Tectonic, the undulating live element contextualised in the experimental third space. As demonstrated through the shadowy, hallucinatory sufi riddim of ‘Music Gene’, Minawy’s dulcet chant provides a beautiful focal point, always reactive to the environment around it.

Kill Me Or Negotiate is out October 16th on BFDM | Pre-order here

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