After an extended winter, Swiss imprint Lux Rec returns with a brand new 12″. Titled Apnea/Deter, the split record from Zürich locals Veil Of Light and Sleep Forever represents the first instalment in the label’s ‘Unsung and Defeated’ trilogy. Exploring areas of early electronic experimentation and gloomy ’80s darkwave, it sets the tone for what’s to come while remaining true to the darker spirit of the label.

The last track on the release, Sleep Forever’s ‘Triad’, is a club-ready, crashing industrial affair, taking its name from the Chinese origin of ”three unite society” that references the unity of heaven, earth and man. The driving 4/4 beat makes your heart rush. It’s like riding wild horse through an expansive mist filled tunnel, whilst the washed out synths evoke the drizzle streaming into your eyeliner-dripping-face.

Apnea/Deter is out April 18th on Lux Rec – pre-order the vinyl here.

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