Emotional Rescue and Malka Tuti recently linked up for a head-turning collaboration, pulling together a selection of tracks from Nottingham-based outfit, C Cat Trance. Entitled Screaming Ghosts, it would prove to be one of the most intruiging and evocative excavations to materialise this year.

Active between ’83 and ’88, the John Rees Lewis-fronted band wound a globe-trotting path in its fusion of post-punk and timbres rooted in the sounds of Africa and the Middle East. Fast-forward a few decades to the present day and some of the tracks featured on that recent retrospective have also been recontextualised for modern ears. Spread across a pair of remix EPs, Autarkic, JD Twitch, Die Orangen, Red Axes, Jamie Paton, Prins Thomas and Khidja are all credited, but today our gaze is fixed firmly upon the refit from Dresden’s weirdo edit specialist, Sneaker.

‘I Looked At You’ becomes the yearning ‘I Looked For You’, manipulated from an arrangement of twanging surf melodies and playful marimba textures, it’s recast with enveloping, ominous gravity. Dive-bombing electric guitar and unnerving electronics hang over the track like a dark cloud, eventually falling away as a reprise of the marimba penetrates the gloom.

Remixes Volume 1 is out November 17th on Emotional Rescue / Malka Tuti.

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