Patiently building a reputation in his home country, Italian producer SofaTalk offers up 2 original tracks in his upcoming Tusk Wax release, complete with remixes from Posthuman and AD Bourke.  From the groovy soft chord based jam of ‘Disquiet’ to muted staccato synths of ‘Elastic’, the release is a limited vinyl effort that sits flush alongside previous releases on the label from Ali Renault and Ste Spandex.

Beginning with low register glitchy synth stabs, the Posthuman reinterpretation of ‘Elastic’ builds a richly textured soundscape. With clips of running water, white noise manipulation, elongated reverse cymbals and one-shot vocal jabs, a solid kick and the introduction of crashing toms at the 2:30 mark alongside lend proceedings a rolling tech flavour. A remix of two halves, the latter stages witness the introduction of a mellow 303 acid lick that defines the rest of the track, providing the motif for the rest of the elements to coalesce around. Muted in tone at first, Posthuman roll the resonance of the acid phrase up and down, the 303 becoming increasingly acrid as we progress.  

Tusk Wax Twenty Two is out April 30th on Tusk Wax – pre-order the vinyl here.

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