The lovechild of Sacha Mambo and Guillame des Bois, Macadam Mambo has proven itself one of the more captivating labels in recent history. Propelling the Lyon underground music scene to centre stage, the label bristles impishly with punkish cuts, bathing in a limey glow of fever dream cosmic digs and inspired reissues of long-lost DATs, all dispersed amongst fresh dissident projects from the faces and faceless of Europe’s most exciting musicians.

Their next release comes from Steve Pepe, the lesser known alias of one Manuel Cascone. With the only outing under the alias to date dropping on Hivern Discs in 2018, Cascone now climbs into the bed with the rest of Macadam Mambo’s fabled back catalogue for a double LP exploring the more leftfield strata of the musical spectrum. Take ‘Paura Ura’, which gives taste of the throaty downtempo drama caught in this acrylic weirdo whirlpool that is 2020.

2020 is out January 1st on Macadam Mambo – pre-order here

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