Over the past few years, Belgrade has emerged as the sonic centrepiece for all things left of left in the electronic landscape. Historically the scene has had an impressive track record when it comes to locally nurtured talent – exports such as Vlad are a pronounced example of the cities often-dark and polygonal sound – Stevie Whisper‘s new 12” on YES is no exception.

Long serving member of the Mystic Styles crew who operate out of the Drugstore, Stevie Whisper, AKA Stefan Unković, has severed up a platter of raw, industrial oddities on his debut mini-album. (Experi)mental music which is ready for any drugged-up rodeo, the unnerving electronics on the album embody the hyper-creativity of a producer and indeed a city at the top of the game.

Featuring YES alumni Andria, our choice cut is A3’s ‘Lost’. The collaboration sees Whisper lay down a heavily distorted punk-esque rendition of the alphabet; a neo-nightmarish ‘Introduction to the English alphabet’ if you will. Underneath this oddball lullaby, Andria keeps us hooked with the intricacies of his chuggy, chaotic atmospherics.

Stevie Whisper’s Donkey Milk is out April 5th on YES – pre-order direct from the label.

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