Tapan return to Malka Tuti with Ghana, a heavy-hitter blending trademark industrial sounds with and tribal throb for a distinctly danceable record.

As individuals, Nebojša Bogdanović (AKA Schwabe) and Goran Simonosk are stalwarts of the Serbian scene and familiar faces behind the decks at any Belgrade institution. As a pair, their music is a working definition for the genre-bending mission statement at Malka Tuti. Where Europa, the previous outing on the Tel Avivian imprint, was ambitious, Ghana is focused. The record is the natural result of two halves hitting their stride as a whole, delightfully cherrypicking those rare sonic confluences from an expansive set of influences.

Our choice cut is chugging, industrial-tinged number, ‘The Beast’. Laden with rimshot snare and tribal guitar, melodic flourishes ride on a wave pleasingly washed-out white noise – this builds in intensity until, in finding its perfect frequency, the static gives way to a driving bass capable of inducing a trance-like state.

Ghana is out May 17th on Malka Tuti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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