Incarnate perspective; our sweet Mirror Zone cracks open again, a wide new message flooding deep from the mouth. The wash blows through with elated thunder, direct and loud – an urgent deluge of blinding fact, rolling the opuscule into a tome, rolling foresight into white light.

Newly delivered action from fresh inductee Taxa. Expecting nothing less, the signs are heady, long threads spun into complex pattern and back out. We’ve got the high energy here which rumbles and resonate, a vital bolt in the message which again rolls hard. Embellished with blinking squawks and creaks, dressing the urgent tempo and up into a kaleidoscopic, churning whirl.

A plume of hot steam spat into the undergrowth, squalling and bringing pressure from under the top. Kicks stab like charged hammers on the Loco Guy from Delft (Spekki?), and drops down to a dubby, half-beat lean on our ‘Atlas’. Squeaks halfway between dense tropical birdcall and athletic ritual. The ticking shuffle and kicks in a scurry, winding up and down – hard lurka, expanding as it warms, a key stone in the pillar. Follow the trail, unpick the forest, move we with confidence as one. A claro vision from the MZ, ideal for followers of Post Contemporary and Superstition.

The Atlas EP is out May 7th on Mirror Zone | Pre-order here

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