Jean-Claude Carrière is reputed to have said, “starting with a cliché so as not to end up in a cliché.” The context is unclear, but when asked for a quote to accompany this premiere, Detlef Weinrich, AKA Tolouse Low Trax, opted for the distinguished novelist and screenwriter. Eyebrows might raise at his choice, but it’s fitting. Starting somewhere familiar but defying expectation to reach places previously unexpected, the quote certainly sums up his approach.

The Salon des Amateurs co-founder’s fourth solo album, Jumping Dead Leafs found a perfect home in Hamburg label Bureau B. Always embracing new iterations of the avant-garde alongside the older, Weinrich’s stripped-back and hypnotic sonic alchemy slots nicely alongside Conrad Schnitzler’s urgent electronics and the introspective ambient of Hans-Joachim Roedelius. The album also marks a departure: instead of a slo-mo industrial sound, his sirupy, trance-inducing formula makes for a mesmeric listen. All eight tracks emanate a strong air of mysticism, but referencing The Divine Comedy, which tells of Dante’s descent into hell, ‘The Incomprehensible Image’ is evocative of Hieronymus Bosch and shamanic ritual.

Jumping Dead Leafs is out September 11th on Bureau B | Pre-order here

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