Their 5-year anniversary on the near horizon, Berlin party series-come-label Oscillate invite Toma Kami for the latest edition. The Livity Sound breakout, Man Band rec. label head and Fusions Mes Couilles resident is in good company too, joining the likes of D. Tiffany, Karen Gwyer and Karima F on the label and atmospheric techno/jungle aficionado Forest Drive West in tow for the remix.

The remix flaunts a quality of liquidity. Within the fabric of the production there exists a ubiquitous feeling of space – coolly demonstrating a mastery of manipulating tension and poise, it flies in the face of the meticulously detailed layers of texture. Allowing for refined shifts in energy to be manipulated and exploited, FDW nonchalantly inhales the track’s patina of percussion, exhaling fresh patterns with renewed emphasis on pre-existing elements.

Oscillate Tracks 004 is out November 30th – pre-order here

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