Basso and Growing Bin: two lexiconic stalwarts in any true weirdos underground encyclopedia. Physically found in Hamburg; metaphysically in his own oddball archeologico – Sebastian Grätz, better known as Basso, is an endearing, exhaustive librarian of the leftfield. Growing Bin Records, his beloved ex-blog, online record shop and ‘micro label’, is ubiquitous for its charming anachronistic aesthetics and esoteric personability. As the homepage declares: “I don’t sell anything that I wouldn’t buy myself!” This dizzying dose eclecticism is also reflected in the imprint – putting out everything from blues rock to deep house, it now boasts over twenty releases.

GBR021 sees Scotland’s own musical behemoth JD Twitch remixing an earlier Growing Bin release. Reworking the opener from a retrospective of Jürgen Petersen’s cosmic ambient project, Trance, Twitch takes the astrophysical ambience of the original and repurposes it for the dancefloor come-up. Both proggy and celestial, this re-up of Petersen’s misty masterpiece is a nebulous symphony of new-age dance. 

Trance Not Trance is out now on Growing Bin Records – buy it here

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