Incubator of the occult, London-based label Edited Arts comes correct with an OST for the freaks. Picking up the baton from an expansive first-release compilation, the Hemlock EP (named for the plant’s proclivity to thrive in the dankest of environs) enlists Trojanovskx and precocious mouse for a mixed bag of aleatoric nightscapes and infernal sonics.

‘The Erotic Objects’ presents controlled psychosis in redux: a manacled descent into swelling pads and spectral urgency. Trojanovskx proves a seasoned drone theorist, conjuring existential woe from the most spartan of sources. Sepulchral kicks quiver and propagate in the shadows, giving rise to fresh architectures of moral panic. The darkness is audible and absolute: the stuff of dystopic nightmares; of foetid putrefaction.

Anxiety stretches to breaking; ghostly sirens and sawtoothed chords strobe menacingly from the depths, prising the assembly up by its roots and placing it on the peripheries of the dance. As the clock strikes 4, the haunted apparitions are exorcised, leaving an exquisite corpse of bass weight: Seconds long and fleeting, but with enough functional heft to secure gun fingers/’Yes M8s’ aplenty from those inured to ‘the culture’. RIYL: apocalyptic hedonism.

Hemlock is out soon on Edited Arts.

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