Unpacked, the acronym U.S.O.C.A. stands for is “Urinating Statue Of Castrated Angel” – a stage name of Jānis Sils. Active in this guise between 1991-1994, Sils committed to cassette a dense and idiosyncratic chunk of music through which Late-Night Rec. subsidiary Musiques Electroniques Actuelles has sifted, combining tracks from the Emancipator (1994) and Head Cut (1991) releases.

Straddling irreverent art-rock, EBM, industrial, and punk, Sils shares a sense of surreal weirdness with the Residents or Andy Rantzen, the dubbiness in particular reaching further through to On-U sound’s more punky output. There’s an anarchic shadow of new beat and industrial behind it all too, noisy and distorted, speak-singing vocals which buzz like an intercepted transmission over a woven bed of strange electronics, locking into a flowing drunken strut. Wouldn’t be out of place on Unknown Precept. Rings like Chris & Cosey or Nurse With Wound, Richard H Kirk, or maybe Coil, Unovidual and Friends, Escupemetralla, We Be Echo – any number of tape deck post-punk bands.

Musiques Electroniques Actuelles are assembling a solid catalogue, this release following the Zru Vogue comp they released earlier this year. Worth checking for sure.

Emancipator is out June 20th on Musiques Electroniques Actuelles – pre-order direct from the label.

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