Listening to Volrutpus, you begin to wonder whether it’s how people felt hearing acid house for the first time in ‘87. No matter how common they’ve become, the Icelander has this ability to make the most ubiquitous sounds appear alien. Already furnishing labels like трип and bbbbbb with this strange brand of music, he’s at it again on a new bumper compilation from much vetted rave authority, Art-Aud.

Thrashing violently, like a vessel caught in cosmic turbulence, ‘Hörkutól’s scribbling synth lines tremble beneath insistent volleys of hard trance pulse. Tranquil, space age pads daub proceedings in the air of blissful serenity, but the peril remains as we hurtle through asteroid belts at white-knuckle pace.

Secret Rave 05 is out now on Art-Aud – buy it here

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